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Phoenix fencing is currently coached by Kyle Nankivell.

A word from the coach...

I started fencing at Phoenix when the club started nearly 17 years ago. Jim started coaching me and some friends I managed to drag along, I stayed for 3 years then moved up to the senior club. After a long break from the sport I came back when I was 20 and rediscovered my passion for fencing. I started competing -specializing in Epee (one of the three fencing weapons), eventually reaching a high national ranking, and participating in international competition. 

With Jim's passing in 2018 I have taken up responsibility for coaching Phoenix Fencing. Despite the circumstances, I am extremely proud to be taking that initial investment of time Jim made for me and "paying it forward" to the next generation of fencers, who will hopefully get as much out of the sport as I have.

I have been proud to see many new generation fencers find confidence in their skill and achievements, attending many events and competitions.

Looking forward to another great year of fencing.

Kind regards,

Kyle Nankivell

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