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Auckland's Home of Junior Fencing

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Phoenix Fencing is a club for juniors on the North Shore, Auckland. we accept students aged 10-16 (with some leeway given to focused and attentive younger children, or siblings of current fencers). Fencing as a junior has many benefits, including developing co-ordination, balance and motor control. 

Fencing is also social and fun! Later on there are opportunities to travel, with

fencing camps/club exchanges and competitions arranged around Auckland, throughout NZ and beyond. Students who start fencing young also get an early advantage of experience on their fencing career, many of our best adult fencers today are old Phoenix students!

Phoenix fencing was started in 2005 by Jim Reeve, as an option for young people not enrolled in a school with a fencing club.

Today the club is being run by Kyle Nankivell, a student of Jim's and a Phoenix alumni.

Fencing in Phoenix is predominately done with Epee, however for those interested support will be given for Foil and Sabre.



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