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Fencing is a continuation of historical sword fighting and duelling, or an exciting and unique modern sport depending on which way you want to look at it.

Despite using steel swords, fencing is a very safe sport; no injuries should occur if all the protective equipment is worn, and participants making sure they warm up and stretch appropriately.

Fencing as a junior has many benefits, including developing co-ordination, balance and motor control, a good foundation for other future sports or just general fitness and activity. 

Fencing is also social and fun! Later on there are opportunities to travel, with

fencing camps/club exchanges and competitions arranged around Auckland, throughout NZ and beyond. Students who start fencing early also get an early advantage of experience on their fencing career, many of our best adult fencers today are old Phoenix students!

There are three weapons in modern fencing, each handle differently and have different rules. Firstly there is the Epee, a thrusting weapon with a large hand guard. the target area in epee is the full body. Secondly there is the Foil, a light thrusting weapon, often used as a training tool, and finally the Sabre, a slashing and cutting sword modeled after army and cavalry swords.

Phoenix fencing was started in 2005 by Jim Reeve, as an option for kids not enrolled in a high school with a fencing club.

Today the club is being run by Kyle Nankivell, a student of Jim's and Phoenix alumni,

Fencing in phoenix is predominately Epee, however for those interested support will be given for Foil and Sabre.

epee foil sabre fencing auckland.jpg

A Sabre, Foil and Epee

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